To give our customers and potential clients better service, we have collected here all the most frequently asked questions from Felicity Fotografia Workshop. Now, you don’t need to take time and contact our customer service representative for all the basic information you need. You could just look it up here.

What is Fworkshop?

F workshop or 2FW stands for Felicity Fotografia Workshop. This is the official site of the company’s brand and aims to give people the advantage in taking photos, images, and videos which make every moment count.

How do we reach out to you for editing jobs?

Easy. You can send the pictures you have to us via mail, or scan it and send it via email. You can also drop it off at any of our branches around Phoenix, Arizona. For tutorials on how you can enhance it yourself, you need to be enrolled in our crash courses so the tutorials could proceed.

Can the crash courses be done online?

Yes, it can. Although it is highly encouraged for our crash courses to be done face to face, we also take into consideration the availability of the schedule of our clients especially those who live far away from any of our branch. We establish video chatting which is the next best thing from face to face tutorials. Here, our instructors can help you know your camera better, the adjustments need to make depending on the background, and some other things that will upgrade your skills fast.

How to pay for these types of services?

We accept payment via bank transfers, Visa Card, Mastercard, UnionPay, American Express and via BitCoin. We do not accept cash payments sent via mail, but check payments sent via the same way is accepted. You can put it under the name of the company Felicity Fotografia Workshop.

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