Garage Door Safety to Avoid Accidents

An automatic garage door is a wonderful luxury to have but you cannot take it for granted. After all, it is a machine that needs periodical maintenance to be kept in a good working position. Federal statistics show that thousands of garage door-related accidents are reported every year including minor injuries, fractures, and amputations. According to the survey, almost 20,000 people are treated in the emergency rooms of hospitals due to garage door accidents. Hire a professional garage door company including garage door maintenance service in Cleveland to avoid costly repair and dangerous accidents.

Treat your garage door opener remote as an important tool:

How many times have to leave the garage door remote in your car, where it can be easily noticed by any passerby? Leaving it out in an unprotected place is easy prey for criminals looking for a house to rob. It is suggested to always hide your remote whether in the glove box, console, or somewhere else.

Teach your kids about the importance of garage door safety:

Guardians and parents should spend time teaching their kids about the potential dangers of being trapped under the garage door. Never allow your kids to use the garage door, transmitter, or remote control as a toy. Installing the wall-controlled buttons as high as possible to restrict the small kids from being able to approach them. Keep your garage door remote out of the range of kids to avoid them from getting hurt.

Make sure that the garage door has a reversing system:

A reversing feature is installed to automatically reverse the garage door to protect someone be in the way of garage door closure. According to federal laws, all garage doors are installed with reversing features. If you have a garage door without sensors and reversing mechanism, take time to have it replaced with the latest one that has advanced reversing features.

Inspect garage door periodically:

A fully functional and operational garage door will be properly balanced, stay in place when stopped at any position, don’t stick during going up and down. The misaligned garage door is lurking in danger as it could crash unexpectedly to the ground. Inspecting the reversing feature of the garage door is simple. Place any soft object in the path of the garage door. If it does not reverse once it touched the object, then you should contact a professional garage door technician.

While examining your garage door, inspect torsion springs, mounting brackets, fitting, and other moving components to ensure that the garage door is perfect at all times. If there is something wrong with the operating mechanism, then your garage door is in danger of sliding off and possibly hurt someone. Never attempt to replace any tensed object yourself as they hold a high amount of pressure which is dangerous to handle. If something goes wrong, you could be seriously injured. Only trained and qualified garage door experts can adjust and replace the garage door torsion springs.