Troubleshooting Tips for Electric Garage Doors

Nowadays, garages are more than just parking spaces to keep the automobile and other belongings safe. Oftentimes, the garage door is the first part a person sees upon visiting your house. This is why it is extremely essential to keep your garage door in a good working position with periodic maintenance services. If you have an electric garage door opener, the following mentioned are some troubleshooting techniques to help you in this regard. If you have any confusion about your abilities, call St Louis garage door repair services to manage your garage door.

  • Check the power supply. There is a possibility that garage door opener is not getting enough power supply. Or there is a possibility that garage door opener has been unplugged accidentally. Troubleshooting the electric problems need professional technicians assistance.
  • If it is plugged in securely, you will have to pull the release chain of the emergency system. In this way, you will be able to open and close the garage door by hand. If this tip does not solve the issue, go to the next step.
  • Examine the garage door thoroughly to make sure that there are no dust and accumulated grease to the tracks. Dirt and clogged tracks make it hard to open or close. The rollers and tracks should be inspected periodically. Oiling keep the moving part in working position.
  • Check the garage door itself to find out the damages. Warps, dents, and other malformation can make the garage door challenging to open and close. Minor dents can be fixed easily but badly damaged tracks should be replaced with the new ones.
  • Allow the motor that runs the garage door to be cool for at least 15 minutes. It could be due to overused. Try it to see if the garage door functions. If your garage door does not work, you may need a professional garage door expert.
  • Try pressing the button of remote to make sure it is good. If it does not function, then a defective remote control could to blame. Damaged remote should be replaced.  If garage door remote have low batteries, it should be replaced.
  • If someone in your surrounding is using a security code similar to yours, it could be causing the problem. Change the security code to notice if it solves the issue. Update your garage door opener with rolling code technology to avoid these issues.
  • Garage door tracks and mounting brackets could be aligned properly. Check the alignment using a level and fix it if required. You can easily handle it using a right tools and techniques.
  • Check the safety sensors and transmitter to make sure they are balanced correctly. If your remote activates the drive system but garage door does not want to open, you should clean the lenses of sensors and adjust their position.
  • Inspect the pulleys that connect to the motor. If they are loose, you may need to readjust them. Don’t over-tighten the cables as it causes more problems. Frayed or damaged cables should be replaced immediately.
  • If your garage door partially opens and closes, you may need to adjust or re-position the height adjustment screws. If the adjustment does not work, it is a right time to call a professional garage door technician.

Call a garage door expert today if you are still experiencing troubles with the operations of your system. They will help you to fix and maintain the garage door that you may be encountered. Just give them a call.