Felicity Fotografi

Felicity Fotografia Workshop was built from scratch by Felicity Lenin. Named after his grandmother who is known to love collecting good pictures to be displayed in her gallery set-up at home, Lenin started this company back when he was just 25. It was in 1998, and digital photography has not given the same importance then as it is today.

Back then, photography is manual and only professionals who have practiced long and hard, and are well-experienced in the field are trusted to handle record special events such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Then, a film is the recording device of every click of the camera, and it takes several hours before you can rake a hold of your masterpieces. It was those times when Lenin decided to invest in his craft.

At first, it was just to make his grams happy. He was solely brought up by her grandmother after his parents and little sister died in a car crash. Then he realized that his passion lies in capturing the moments in people’s lives. He started being hired first for family and friends’ events, then soon friends of friends, and so on.

It was a smart thing and a professional move to create a brand. When he did, he was flocked immediately by those who already knew his talent behind the lenses. Starting with only a handful of staff, and him as the sole photographer did not go well with the growing demand, so he hired more. This what became now the starting point of his many branches across Arizona, the flagship being in Phoenix.

Through hard work and incessant good service to the people, Felicity Fotografia Workshop is among the leading brands in the field. One of its most recent expansion, which is also timely considering the boom of digital photography at present, is its workshop where renowned people sign up for all throughout every year.