Felicity Fotografia Workshop offers training, seminars and photography workshops, all throughout the year. We offer workshops for wedding photography, wildlife photography, landscapes and cityscapes photography training among others, all of these done under the supervision of the best photographers in the industry including the master himself – Felicity Lenin.

Unlike other workshops, ours give you the opportunity to practice with ease as you work closely with your trainers throughout the whole course. You can go as a group or an individual – your choice. You are given a chance to develop your point and catch skill, editing a whole portfolio of your shots, and put it together to create a story that you will be proud of. You are not going to be held back during the workshop. Instead, you will be encouraged to approach any subject you prefer and develop it then and there. You will give the right mindset to create a masterpiece and this will be your stepping stone towards greatness

One thing is for sure, at the end of the whole course, your skills will be enhanced and you will be more confident in moving forward with what career path you choose in photography.

The cost for photography classes with 2FW is for 1200$ only. This is inclusive of the instructor for the whole duration, and a lunch package for every session. There is no accommodation included, however, so you are encouraged to look for your own while the course is on-going. The fee is payable for one straight payment or two installments only: one during enrollment is another after the first half of the session is done.

We only accommodate a maximum of 15 participants per course and our enrollment is at first come, first serve basis only. Payment is non-refundable so make sure of your dedication before enrolling.

You can coordinate directly with our admin for more questions about our workshop. Send us an email at